OnCore Training at Forte Headquarters in Madison, WI

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OnCore Training is provided several times each year by the Forte Training Team at our home office in Madison, Wisconsin.  During these training events we demonstrate the core functionality of the software and discuss the most common workflows observed at dozens of OnCore sites across the country.  Learners have the opportunity to meet OnCore team members from other institutions and share best practices and lessons learned for implementing and using the software.

We offer the following certification courses at the Madison, WI office:

  • OnCore Clinical Research Management Certification (2 days)
  • OnCore Financials Certification (1.5 days)
  • OnCore Biospecimen Management Certification (1 day)
  • NEW: OnCore Train the Trainer (3 days)

We also offer three online certification modules for OnCore’s Electronic Data Management (EDM) module:

  • Form Design and Administration
  • Form Data Entry, Data Monitoring, and Data Export
  • Registry Design and Data Management

OnCore Certification Training

OnCore Certification is a combination of instructor-led training (classroom or online) plus an exam and an intensive hands-on build project to be completed by each attendee within 3 months of attending the course. OnCore Certification is for users who already have a basic knowledge and familiarity with the application; candidates must know how to create and manage protocols and subjects in OnCore and have at least six (6) months of experience working in their organization’s OnCore environment before attending.

OnCore Train the Trainer

OnCore Train the Trainer is designed for OnCore team members who are responsible for designing and implementing a training program for research staff at your organization. This course provides strategies for creating and facilitating workflow-based training for adults, customizing end user training materials, prepping an OnCore training environment, and other topics. 

Who Should Attend?

The primary target audience for OnCore Certification classes are those who will be responsible for managing and configuring the software, supporting end users, or building core components within OnCore (e.g. calendars, eCRFs, budgets, etc). Staff who need a comprehensive understanding of the system and a thorough knowledge of one or more OnCore modules will benefit from the training. During these courses, Forte trainers will cover specific learning objectives and teach the most common workflows within the application.  OnCore Certification will not include training on organization-specific workflows, but it does provide an opportunity for attendees to ask staff from other organizations about their creative solutions and best practices for utilizing OnCore to support research operations.

Certification training is designed for people who have been working in OnCore for at least 6 months.  We assume that all attendees have a basic knowledge of protocol and subject management prior to attending these courses.

Time Commitment

Time and effort required to complete the certification exercises can vary greatly based on experience. After attending each course, candidates will spend a few hours completing the associated exams and projects. Candidates have the most success when they start working on the projects immediately after class is over, and when they dedicate time away from their desks and other interruptions to work on the exercises.  Projects and exams must be completed within 1 month of attending certification training; no extensions are granted.

Topics and Learning Objectives

Clinical Research Management Certification (2 days)

  • Protocols
  • Calendars
  • Subjects
  • Reference Lists
  • Users and Security
  • Organizational Structure
  • System Configuration Options

OnCore Financials Certification (1.5 days)

  • Charge Master
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Financial Parameters
  • Pre-Award Budgeting
  • Post-Award Invoicing and Receipt Tracking
Biospecimen Management (1 day)

  • Banking Protocols
  • Correlative Protocols
  • Creating Cases and Specimens
  • Specimen Requests
  • Specimen Imports
  • Specimen Custom Reports

Train the Trainer (3 days)

  • Creating Workflow-Based Training
  • Identifying Training Audiences
  • Best Practices for Adult Learning
  • Prepping an OnCore Environment for Training
  • Customizing End-User Training Materials
Electronic Data Management – Form Design and Administration (3 hours; online)
  • Designing and Building eCRFs
  • Adding Sections and Fields
  • Choosing the correct Logging Style
  • Adding Constraints

Electronic Data Management – Form Data Entry, Data Monitoring, and Data Export (3 hours; online)

  • Entering Data in Subject Forms
  • Completing Subject Forms
  • Monitoring Subject Forms
  • Exporting Form Data

Electronic Data Management – Registry Design and Data Management (3 hours; online)

  • Creating a Registry
  • Adding Cases and Events to a Registry
  • Build a Registry Custom Report

Certification candidates must have a working knowledge of protocol and subject management in OnCore and at least six (6) months of experience working in the system prior to attending certification training.

Candidates who register only for OnCore Certification: Biospecimen Management must be familiar with OnCore protocols and subject management, or view the appropriate recorded webinars before attending.

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