OnCore Certification

OnCore Certification provides training and best practices for configuring and supporting OnCore, including discussions of advanced workflows and lesser-known features.  It is a combination of instructor-led training, plus an exam and a hands-on build project to be completed by each attendee within 1 month of attending the course. OnCore Certification is for users who already have a basic knowledge and familiarity with the application; candidates must know how to create and manage protocols and subjects in OnCore and have at least six (6) months of experience working in their organization’s OnCore environment before attending. 

Target Audience

You should attend if you are responsible for managing and configuring the software, supporting end users, or building core components within OnCore (e.g. calendars, eCRFs, budgets, etc). Staff who need a comprehensive understanding of the system and a thorough knowledge of one or more OnCore modules will benefit from the training.  OnCore Certification provides an opportunity for attendees to ask staff from other organizations about their creative solutions and best practices for utilizing OnCore to support research operations.

Certification training is designed for people who have been working in OnCore for at least 6 months.  We assume that all attendees have a basic knowledge of protocol and subject management prior to attending these courses.

Time Commitment

After attending certification, candidates will spend a few hours completing the associated exams and projects. Candidates have the most success when they start working on the projects immediately after class is over, and when they dedicate time without interruptions to work on the exercises.  Projects and exams must be completed within 1 month of attending certification training; no extensions are granted.


Clinical Research Management Certification (2 days)

  • Protocols
  • Calendars
  • Subjects
  • Reports and Searches
  • Users and Security
  • Organizational Structure
  • System Configuration

OnCore Financials Certification (2 days)

  • Charge Master
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Financial Parameters
  • Pre-Award Budgeting
  • Post-Award Invoicing and Receipt Tracking
  • Vendor Payables (new in OnCore 16.0)
  • Calendar and Budget Versions

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